Tennis Hot Shots

Engaging children to take up tennis and to learn the game can have its difficulties, the priority must be to make their time full of fun and highly engaging at all times. Tactics, technique, stroke play, drills can all be effective for adults but highly boring for kids.

The ANZ Hot Shots program employs a story telling approach that fully engages kids in the sessions, and also skills related to numeracy, literacy, health and social development.

Parents are encouraged to be there on court, learning to play together and under the Tennis Australia’s taught coaches control, help both child and parent understand the activities.

What Your Kid Needs

To enjoy Hot Shots sessions your child will need, comfortable sports clothes, runners, a hat, and plenty of water. Reputable clubs like Tennis World Rushcutters should be able to assist with a racket for the first couple of lessons.

Community Play

Community Play sessions are run by club volunteers, and it allows children to spend more time on actual court with their pals. The kids learn loads of tips and advice and can spend time with family and their buddies.

The Different Stages

There are four stages of the ANZ Hot Shots program, Blue, Red, Orange and Green targetted specifically to selected age groups and levels.

  • Blue – 3-5 year olds

Small court, mini net, small racket, blue low compression ball. Designed to develop motor skills and the session is 30 minutes.

  • Red – 5-8 year olds

Small court, mini net, small racket, red low compression ball. Designed for beginners and the session is 45 minutes.

  • Orange – 8-10 year olds

Half-court, small racket, orange low compression ball. Designed for basic tennis skills development.

  • Green Stage – 9 plus years old

Full court, junior racket, green low compression ball. Designed to focus on development.

Match Play

For those children who have undertaken at least two terms of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaching sessions, the next step up can be Hot Shots Match Play.

Match play is something quite different for the children and involves them into the world of tennis competition for the first time. It is played at orange and green ball levels, and it teaches the kids the basics of match play and the start of how to score.

Both boys and girls are mixed together with two or more players involved per team. And the sessions are closely aligned to the school terms.

Tennis is the perfect sport for children to learn, as well as a great sport for all ages in the future. It is an important and logical idea for parents to encourage kids to select a sport that will stay with their child for a lifetime.

Tennis develops the greatest number of skills across every spectrum from physical to social more so than any other sport.


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