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Developing your technique and improving your shots is normally what every tennis coach will practice with their students on routine coaching sessions.

However, you can keep developing your own game by helping yourself with drills and exercises and bringing new shots and experimental techniques in your social games with friends.

In this blog we focus on Tennis Slice Tips. The slice backhand can be an extremely dangerous shot if played correctly, but there are several keys to hitting a good slice forehand and backhand.

Forehand Slice

A forehand slice is executed in two ways, the first is to hit the forehand with pure backspin and the other way is to hit the forehand shot with both backspin and sidespin. Although the most common shot is with backspin.

The forehand slice shot is less popular than the backhand slice. That is because instead of using the slice forehand, players prefer to play the topspin forehand which can be used in a number of ball heights and allows for higher net clearance.

The slice forehand is ideal when you want to execute a perfect and accurate approach shot.

  • Technique

The racket face should be in front of the left shoulder (right handers) and the alternate way for left handers. When in the ready position, you need to be ready physically and mentally. Begin with a split step, with you eyes focused on your opponent, as the ball approaches execute small steps then one large step.

The backswing starts with a shoulder and ensure that you racket is positioned up. This means the racket face is slightly behind you. As you swing the racket forward, make sure the racket also has a slight downwards movement.

The racket head should be higher than the ball on point of contact, and the long axis of the racket is horizontal to the ground.

Backhand Slice

The backhand slice is hit with a neutral or closed stance, align your feet so they are parallel to the sideline. Once the ball bounces, your body weight should be concentrated on your front foot and lean forwards in preparation to hit the ball.
The backhand slice should be played with a knifing action with the racket in a high to low direction.This action rasps the face of the racket on the lower part of the ball producing backspin.

Your left hand also plays a significant part as a balance and to assist the hitting arm position the racket.

At the contact point, your racket should be lower than the ball and in an open position with an upward movement thus hitting the ball from high to low.

Maintain your balance by concentrating your body weight in the center. Just after you make contact with the ball, the racket should naturally move from the right side of your body which then produces sidespin.

Perfecting your slice will give you a dangerous tool that many cannot compete against.


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