How To Select Your Tennis Attire

Choosing your attire to play tennis might seem straightforward but there are some things you must take into consideration when buying your playing gear.

Good tennis clubs such as Tennis World Rushcutters Bay will offer you sensible advice and have a great range of products to help you select. However, it should be noted that fashion is not always the best way forward.

Tennis in Australia was once seen as the sport for the elite, it had rigid dress codes and many restrictions which was part of the attraction for the upper crust. Now tennis attire has become both functional and expressing the individuality of the player. The only major venue that does not subscribe to these new ethics is The All England Club namely Wimbledon.


Both men’s and women’s clothing should be lightweight and made of breathable materials, either cotton or newer synthetic fabrics.

Prices to tend to increase for the really slick sweat-absorbent technologies that are available such as Adidas Climacool or Nike Dri-Fit, if you play regularly it may prove to be a sound investment.

Tennis Ball Storage

Even the amateur players play with more than one ball so play is continuous. Usually the server will carry two balls in case of a fault on the first serve, this means the second ball has to have some sort of storage. In men it is usually the case of a pocket in their shorts and women should look for skirts which include built in tights which can hold a tennis ball.


Probably the most important item of attire for any tennis player at any level is their tennis shoes.

Because trainers are not designed specifically for tennis, they might not have the appropriate sole patterns that help preserve the courts or give the correct support for the rigours of the sport.

For example, when playing on clay courts, herringbone patterned soles will often be required as this does not damage the court like say a ripple soled shoe would. Some tennis clubs with hard courts demand the use of white or non-marking soles.

Select tennis shoes with good cushioning and ventilation especially if playing on a hard court as the unforgiving surface gives greater stress to the joints. Hard courts are also renown for reflecting heat so your shoes need proper ventilation to prevent blisters and foot disorders.

On clay however, lightness and traction become the order of the day given the tricky underfoot conditions clay throws up.

Sun Protection

It is a matter of personal preference as not all people like wearing hats and sunglasses and feel they interfere with their game. There a specialist protection articles now on sale designed for playing tennis. For instance sport-specific sunglasses that are designed to fit securely during play and light sun visors that enable more ventilation.

Obviously the relevant sun protection cream is also a given.


Sweatbands and headbands made out of towelling are an excellent way to keep drier when you sweat. There is nothing worse than a loose grip on your racket or sweat running into your eyes when playing a shot.

When choosing your attire think practicality before fashion, you may look the best dressed in the clubhouse but if you become a bucket of sweat slipping and sliding all around the court then your image may take a battering.


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