How To Become A Tennis Coach In Australia

If tennis is your passion and for some reason you do not want to follow the path of a tournament or professional player then perhaps you have considered coaching.

There are many top class clubs such as Tennis World Rushcutters that welcome qualified tennis coaches with open arms.

Tennis Australia runs a variety of courses that will give you the skills and expertise to teach players of all ages and abilities. Their courses range from ANZ Hot Shot level right up to tournament and high performance level.

So whether you already hold the necessary qualifications or you are interested in coaching at your local club- Tennis Australia offer packages for just about every budding tennis coach. Inclusive of on-court insurance, associated benefits and professional development and business resources which are all designed to take your coaching to the next level.

Intro and Hot Shots

The Intro to ANZ Tennis Hot Shots course provides the starter to Tennis Australia’s official development program, namely ANZ Tennis Hot Shots.

It is ideal for beginner coaches, parents and tennis enthusiasts of any age and is specifically targeted to club volunteers involved in the Community Play program, it must be noted that this course is not a coaching qualification.

Community Coaching

The Community Coaching course is suitable for those who would like to start their coaching career. The course trains coaches to develop the skills of junior tennis players with a focus on the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program.

Focus on serve, rally and score using modified balls, rackets, nets and courts appropriate to the ages and skills of the players.

This course provides credit towards a SIS20512 Certificate II in Sport Coaching.

Junior Development Course

Participants learn to develop the skills of junior players through the delivery of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program.

Focus on planning, delivering and reflecting on coaching sessions. The course covers the Tennis Australia technical and tactical fundamentals; Cardio tennis, legal and ethical responsibilities of a coach, risk management, program planning, tennis rules, personal development and using equipment.

Club Professional Course

The Pro course prepares coaches to become head club professionals. The course focuses on coaching tennis and growing a small business.

Students will further develop their ability to plan and deliver coaching sessions with an increased emphasis on developing tactical skills and analysing and correcting technical skills of intermediate players.

Utilising sport sciences, such as sport psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, using technology to analyse performance and planning programs for players of all ages are also covered.

Master Club Professional Course

The course includes, business management, customer service, budgeting and planning for the future.

Through Tennis Australia’s collaboration with RTO (Registered Training Organisation) DeakinPrime, course participants are able to enrol with DeakinPrime to undertake the Master Club Professional course as a nationally recognised BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management.

High Performance Course

The Tennis Australia High Performance coaching course teaches players to plan individualised long term development, create high performance training environments, manage support personnel, analyse matches and player performance, use technology to analyse movement and biometrics, apply sport science, build relationships and reflect on their coaching role and performance.

The pathway is quite clear should you wish to pursue a career in tennis coaching, simply contact your club and they will furnish you with all the details.


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