The Real Meaning Of A Tennis Game

Some people, from all walks of life, need a little confidence booster once in awhile. Perhaps their job or relationship puts pressure on them that they are somehow underperforming in life skills.

Sport can be a big crutch in helping to assist these feelings of the lack of self worth, and players who take up tennis often find they feel good as a consequence both of the exercise and the winning.

But it is obvious there is no good tennis without self respect and self worth. When you play tough opponents every part of your psyche is tested. Unless you help yourself with every part of your mind, support yourself in critical situations, stay positive and believe in yourself, you will fail.

Trick Your Mind

In the end , tennis results and your tennis career will show you repeatedly that it is not the actual game that makes you feel good. It is yourself that shifts from self degradation to self respect and the sport simply assists you.

Your ego is a big problem in assisting this shift as it resists and wants to be right even when the information you hear is good and useful.

A greater force has designed a way to trick our ego, at least partially. It has designed sport, tennis, football, golf etc. in order to show how results are dependant on self respect and worth.

Immediate Response

How is your ego fooled? It is fooled by sports like tennis as you get immediate feedback. If you feel afraid, don’t believe in yourself, have doubts – you are going to MISS nine times out of ten. You miss one second after your negative thoughts or concerns or doubts.

In everyday life, it takes much longer to see the evidence of our negative approach whether we have feelings of unworthiness or just negative thinking about other people which is nothing else than our shadow – our projection of unconscious thoughts about ourselves.

The Importance Of Sports To The Psyche

We we participate in sports we realise that there is almost 100% connection between our approach – whether it is positive, believing in ourselves, respecting ourselves, trusting in abilities, seeing what we want to happen instead of what we don’t want to happen and so on.

You will then take this attitude into the rest of your life, since it is working in tennis you ask yourself, “Would this work in my business, in my relationship, with money?”

When we test our changed approach and stay patient for results to appear, we finally see and understand what the game of tennis is all about.

Playing tennis does not just help you physically, it is a tonic for your mind also which you can take into other areas of your life.

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