The Beginner’s Guide to Tennis

Tennis is a perfect game for youngsters to learn as size, sex and physique is not as important as most contact sports.

It is perfect for health and is relatively cheap, as once you have a racket and a pair of sports shoes then that is all about you need.

It can train a young mind to make decisions and accept winning and losing in equal measure building up character.

However, there are many tips and pieces of advice a novice should take on board to improve their game at the start.

Warm up Adequately

The warm-up is vitally important before you actually take to the court, remember to stretch the muscles correctly and get the blood flowing around the body before taking to the court.


Keeping the ball at the back of the court is one of the best tactics to start with when you begin playing the game. By adopting this tactic it will keep you in the point longer to play more shots.

Focusing on depth will also force your opponent to play more shots and therefore increase the chances of him making a mistake.

Practice hitting the ball long towards the base line so it is a natural shot you play and comes easily.

The biggest mistake a beginner makes is hitting the ball too low, so consequently the ball hits the net or fails to even reach.

Practise hitting the ball over the net from the baseline approximately twice the height of the net. Provided you use topspin the ball will easily land in court on the other side. Keep on practising this shot with backhand as well as forehand either on your own or with a partner. As your game improves it will become a stock shot.


Great footwork is the key to improving your game, it does not matter how good the shot is potentially if you don’t get into the right position to hit it.

The time spent hitting shots during a match is only a fraction of the time spent moving to and away from the shots. Every shot starts from the ground up, so your feet are engaged long before the racket.

Good footwork will definitely give you greater power in the shot. As when you get to the ball and have time to set your body in a good position then you give yourself of hitting the ball with as many body parts as possible. If not you just hit the ball with your arm and wrist, be like a boxer and punch from the feet.

Using your feet will also give you more shot options. Because you get there early you will be in a better position to use more options. Choose your stance; open, closed or neutral and keep your opponent guessing.

You also get to choose where you play the shot and with what stroke; crosscourt, down the line, backhand, forehand, deep or short, passing or lob.

Without correct footwork you will find your options greatly reduced and also have less power to hit the ball.

Use these tips when you first start playing the game and they will definitely help you to improve and grow to love the sport.

If you are looking to get involved in playing tennis then talk to our professional coaches, they will help you to improve your game.

We have sessions available for both adults and children, plus can organise private or group sessions.


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