Tennis Training Routines

There are many ways you can train and improve your game, some people prefer one to another, and some training suits some people better than others.

It is good occasionally to take advice from a third party, perhaps your tennis coach, to help you with your game. Everybody falls into their own comfort zone every now and then, and that could be in the way you train or sloppy technique.

Here are some tips about training that could keep you ahead of the game.

Training Alone

There are many good ways you can train by yourself and bring good improvements into your game.

  • Shadowswinging

This is a great form of tennis training, the repetition of the correct movements over and over is great for technique. This does not need to be done on a court, anywhere where there is a mirror will do.

  • Ball Machine

A ball machine can really help the solo tennis player, although expensive they let you practice any time even without a partner.

  • Physical Training

This goes without saying, the advancement of your own physical condition is easily done by yourself either in a gym, on a court, or at home.

  • Tactical Training

Tactical Tactics are about where to hit the ball. So you can set up different target areas for yourself and practice with a ball machine.

  • Mental Training

The mental part of tennis is crucial, it is often the difference between winning and losing. There are a few things you can focus on off court to help here. Visualise your upcoming match and go through the pertinent parts in your mind, this will help prepare you for the actual situation.

Think about what to do between points, make a routine up to help you stay focused and in the zone.

Training With A Coach

Most keen players these days only really train with a coach, this can be great and very important. But this personal one to one coaching should also be in tandem with players playing socially and learning for themselves, without a coach watching.

When a coach is about training is relatively easy as they will tell you what or what not to do. When you are by yourself you have to think more of how to solve them problem as you are not advised.

Do not expect quick results in any way you train, with a coach or by yourself. A lot of tennis improvements come through laborious drills, which you have to do time and again. To make real changes to your game give yourself enough time, do not get impatient, and stay composed.

Remember for most people tennis is a social game, that does not say that you cannot take it seriously and work on improvements. But do not forget to enjoy yourself also, it is a sport after all.


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