How To Play The Big Points Effectively

Tennis is one of those few games that can hinge on pivotal moments, and that is the beauty and allurement of the game and why so many people play and watch the sport. The pivotal moments in tennis can tip the balance of the contest one way or the other. Agreed a point hold the same value on the scoreboard, there are times when it can be crucial.

Good coaches at your local tennis club such as Tennis World Rushcutters Bay can help you to focus your game to identify such moments and how to grasp the initiative.

When the game is evenly balanced between two similar opponents, often the only thing that separates them is how well they play when faced with an important point. Generally the player that wins the big points, wins the match.

The following tips will also help you succeed the next time you face a must-win point.

Getting Back To Basics

When faced with a crucial point there is a tendency to rush the shot or generally hurry your play, especially when serving. You must continue to play at the same tempo and keep your rhythm even throughout a must-win point.

When facing such a point it is vital that the fundamental attributes of your hot are maintained, small changes in grip or angle of the racket will significantly alter where the ball lands, so keeping your body’s movements fluid and ensuring your muscles do not tense up is very important.

Ensure you:-

  • Keep watching the ball on to the racket
  • Swing through the ball
  • Keep your head still
  • Make good contact with the ball

Procedure Over Result

Another key factor about playing a crucial point is not to think about how much the point is worth in the overall context of the game. Treat it like any other point that you have played and concentrate on your technique and the vital procedures of your game.

Staying focused on the very next task at hand and don’t lose your focus with unnecessary information that can clog up your thought processes.

Focus less about the outcome if the shot goes in or out, and more on the process involved in playing the shot itself. By focusing on the technique of playing the shot, that way the result will look after itself.

Make Your Opponent Earn The Point

If you are feeling nervous over a big shot, chances are your opponent is too. Therefore, during key moments, make your opponent play that extra shot and give away the point by forced errors.

It is also vital your second serve goes into play and don’t give away points by unforced errors. Just as important is to get your opponent’s serve back when contesting a vital point.

It is criminal letting your opponent off the hook at a crucial stage in a match by gifting them a big point without making them earn it.


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