How To Find Your Tennis Racket Size

Having the correct racket grip is mostly ignored but it can help immensely how well you play. To grip size is basically the measurement of the perimeter of the racket handle’s octagonal cross-section.

In layman’s terms this means the the outline or the thickness of the handle is basically the grip size. Typical grip sizes for adults is four and three quarter inches (123mm) and around four inches for juniors (101.6mm). Having said that European grip sizes are rated zero to five.

Using the incorrect size grip will lead to mistakes and poor performance, and even to injuries to the hand, wrist or elbow.

How To Find The Right Grip

Choosing the correct grip, you must take into account the racket’s handle shape, the type of grip and whether you like using an overgrip, obviously an over grip will increase the thickness. And if you do use an overgrip, opt for a racket that is half or one size lower.

Tips in Selecting Your Tennis Racket Grip Size

  • If you are struggling choosing between two sizes, choose the smaller as you can always use an overgrip.
  • Do not use a racket with a grip that is too small as you will tend to squeeze the handle to hard, and this can cause injury to your hand, forearm, and elbow.
  • Do not use a racket with a grip that is too large, as it will restrict the motion of your wrist, making grip changes tougher.
  • Choose a grip that allows you a full range of motion and is comfortable.

The Two Ways of Measuring A Racket’s Grip Size

There are two basic ways to measure your tennis racket grip size: either the “index finger test” or the “ruler test”.

Index Finger Test

Hold a tennis racket in your hand using an Eastern Grip (where the index knuckle and heel pad rests on the 3rd bevel) so your palm will be placed on the same bevel as the string face.

Once you have the Eastern Grip use the index finger of your other hand to slide it in-between your ring finger and palm. The best tennis racket grip size for you will be the one where your finger fits snugly within this gap.

Ruler Test

Measure your open hand whilst having the fingers fully extended and close together. Take a ruler and align it so that’s it’s parallel with your third finger with one end of the ruler in line with the bottom of the palm’s second crease.

Your grip size is then determined by the length between the tip of your middle finger and the bottom lateral palm crease. The length should be approximately between 4 and 4 and a half inches, and you can use this measurement to find rackets with the exact same measurement.

If you are having difficulty with finding your correct grip size why not contact your local club or take advice for their tennis coaches for their advice.


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