General Tennis Tips To Improve Your Game

This blog is devoted in trying to demonstrate that there are some rare shortcuts to help you improve how you play. These tips are a way to avoid lots of repetition and drills that are normally customary in tennis coaching.

This is not to say that tips that help you cheat do not replace drills and practice, they are there to supplement this work.

Many players make small mistakes when they are playing or learning tennis, and if these small errors are not picked up then they can often can become large problems in your game.

So tennis tips are actually those little but very important course modifiers, that is why they are called tips. There can be great value to be found in such tips, especially if you use them for a long period and they become part of your subconscious.

There are many tips that differ towards, physical, technical, tactical and mental but often it is the mental tips that are the most of value.

Mental Tips

For every situation you will need to learn a winning mentality, this includes how to adjust your emotions and approach the game with a positive attitude, focusing on the task at hand.

How To Make Your Mind Your Best Ally?

Firstly, you need to research as much as you can about mental toughness, attend workshops and coaching lessons on the subject.

After this you have to bring theory into practice, often doing this by yourself will produce the best results.

Thirdly, break up all the information gathered into bite sized pieces. That way you can absorb and apply only the most proven and effective techniques of dealing with one’s mind.

Finally, find an effective way of passing on the condensed information with being overwhelmed. Otherwise you will over-think and complicate things.

Deal With Situations Mentally

  • Pre match anxiety – this can happen both on and off the court, it can be helpful to go through the match completely in your mind, face up to the problems before they arise.
  • Delayed games – often this leads to wasting energy on nervous energy, you need to be in a peaceful place, perhaps meditate.
  • Bad line calls – this is a dangerous situation as it can keep your emotions high for a long time. You need to be able to quickly dismiss disputed calls and wipe them from your mind.
  • Inner and outer disturbances – there can be a lot going on during a tennis match and you need to be focused and not get distracted.
  • Playing a lesser opponent – this is one of the biggest traps, it needs all your attention to overcome this situation.

Without controlling your mind then tennis can become a real challenge, small situations can grow out of all proportion and overpower your thought processes. If this happens your game will suffer as a consequence.


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