Advice on some of the Most Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a fast all action sport that impacts the muscles in sharp bursts and is heavily dependant on joints being able to twist and turn in a certain manner.

Although there is not actual physical contact in tennis there are common injuries that occur if the body is not properly honed and warmed up in the correct fashion.

The injury risk of tennis can be reduced if the player understands some of the most common injuries that occur and to form a strategy to avoid them.

Sprained Ankle

A common injury as the sudden sideways movements that are required in tennis can cause the ankle to twist, particularly if the surface is slippery or the player is fatigued.

A twisted ankle causes damage to ligaments and other soft tissue around the ankle. This damage causes bleeding within the tissues, which in turn produces a swollen ankle.

Wearing an ankle brace can help reduce sprains by about half, also the correct footwear is a big factor in this respect.

Shoulder Pain

This injury normally happens because there is repeated stress during tennis strokes particularly the serve.The most common cause of this is shoulder Bursitis which is inflammation of a sac of fluid called a bursa.

The frequent overuse of the rotator cuff muscles can cause the bursa to get impinged between the muscles and the bony part of the shoulder leading to inflammation.

To avoid this painful condition players should build up the strength and endurance of these muscles. Make sure you implement the correct exercises and build up gradually.

Calf Strain

The calf muscle group consists of the gastrocnemius and, soleus and plantaris muscles situated at the back of the lower leg. They are most active during the push-off when a player moves suddenly to react to an opponent’s shot. A strain occurs when the muscle is forcibly stretched beyond it’s limits and the tissue becomes torn.

Your diet can have an effect on muscle injuries, before playing a competitive game it is advisable to eat a high carb diet in the 48 hours preceding. If the muscles are short of fuel, fatigue can set in, then problems will arise.

Stress Fracture Of The Back

The lumbar spine or the back is one of the most common bone injuries in young players. Typically it is sore when the player bends backwards, particularly if standing on one leg. Really only a scan can determine if this condition is indeed what is suspected.

Serving in tennis requires a combination of bending backwards together with rotation and side bending of the trunk. This puts a lot of stress on the pars interarticularis and this is where the stress fracture develops.

Good technique can prevent this and coaching should particularly focus on the serve and with younger players.

T ennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is the inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm as they attach to the humerous bone. It occurs by prolonged gripping activities such as hammering, driving screws and holding a tennis racket.

To help avoid this a player can change his racket grip and to wear an elbow compression strap. This works by preventing the wrist extensor muscles from contracting fully, thus reducing the strain on the elbow.

To help steer clear of some of the more common tennis injuries, why not get some expert advice from our team of professional coaches.

For more information on adult private tennis lessons and coaching, contact the friendly team at Tennis World Rushcutters Bay today!


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